Dandeli Wild life Sanctuary is reputed as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. It hosts diversity of flora and fauna and is enriched with streams, rivers, waterfalls, reservoirs, lakes, beautiful landscapes and valleys. The surrounding Kulgi Nature Camp site has typical deciduous to moist deciduous forest habiting variety of fruiting trees. These surrounding environment in the Sanctuary and Kulgi camp area provide an ideal habiting place variety of birds. Hence this area is considered as paradise for bird watchers. There are about 272 species birds recorded in this area, of which 19 are endemic to the Western Ghat. The birds trail drawn near the Kulgi camp site takes you on a journey to explore the world of birding. The trail starts from the fence of vehicle parking opposite to the interpretation center. Pass the fence and huge trees are seen on both the sides of the trail. Trees that are seen are the Nandi tree, Teak, and Matti (Crocodile Bark). These trees are dominant species of this forest. The path is slightly uneven. Lots of leaf litter on the forest floor. A huge tree with buttress is seen on the side of the path. On the trail you will see birds flying from tree to tree such as sunbirds. These small birds have pleasant calls.

Trail distance

2.0 km

Start point

Vehicle parking place near Camp

End point

Forest guest house

Time required

1 hour 20 minutes


Undulating land

Key features

Undulating landscape, origin of Nagzhari stream, sounds of birds, bamboos, large fruiting trees, indirect evidences of wildlife, etc.


Wayside signage’s guiding the trail.

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