Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is situated in Mundgod taluka of Uttara Kannada District. The sanctuary consists of a reservoir built across Tayavvanahalla at Attiveri in Mundgod taluka passing through the forests of Dundasi forest range in Haveri forest division.

A reservoir was constructed by irrigation department at Attiveri in midst of forests of Mundgod range in Yallapur Forest Division in the year 1992. Birds started attracting by this reservoir in large numbers year after year noticing by Yallapur Forest Division started improving this area by taking up development works for bird habitat and sent proposals to declare this as a sanctuary for the protection and conservation of the bird life. This area was declared as Attiveri Bird Sanctuary by the Government in the year 2000. Extent of the sanctuary is 560 acres comprising 548 acres of reserve forest and 12 acres private lands.

The Sanctuary receives annual rainfall ranging between 1000 mm to 1500 mm. It is exposed to torrential thunder showers starting from May – June with heavy monsoon showers in June – July and August.

Vegetation: The biotic factors and edaphic variations have played a dominant role in determining nature of the forests growing in Sanctuary area. The local as well as migratory birds are attracted to the flowering and fruit yielding trees found in the vicinity. Acacia Arabica considered of special interest as they are good for nesting which are found in good number.

Fauna: Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is mainly a sanctuary of local birds and Migratory Birds. However other fauna found in the sanctuary are wild Boar, Python, Cobra, Rat Snakes, Vipers, Indian Porcupine, Jackal, Indian hare, spotted deer, Wolf, Common Mangoose, Common Langur etc. Over 130 species of birds are recorded at this sanctuary. The subsequent pages give details of few selected birds that visit this sanctuary.